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img  Rebates and Tax Credits for Buying  Heating and Cooling Equipment

Various companies, organizations and government entities have established incentive programs to help people upgrade to high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment, namely rebates and tax credits.

The tax credits offered by the state government directly reduce your tax bill—if you have a tax bill of $1,000 and you have $500 in tax credits, you only have to pay $500 in taxes. Take advantage of these incentives and start saving today!

Ack-Temp has several financing options available on air conditioners and heating equipement.

Call us today for more information and schedule for a free consultation. We can work with your needs to identify the best approach for you to benefit from the constantly-changing programs available today.

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Customer Comments

I own a 100 year old house with hot water heat(radiators). Russ and his men installed air conditioning,which is no easy task. He installed a space pack system,which works great and has very little visual impact on my historic home. He did what he promised and more. Great job. Thank you very much Scott. It was a pleasure working on your beautiful historic home and your kind words are much appreciated!

—Scott K.
Lake Zurich, IL